Offcon 6 - Is it going to happen?


In short, no one is sure yet, least of all me. Planning is preliminary, but there is much work to do, and not a lot of time to do it. But in the spirit of “the best time to start planning was yesterday”, and “the second best time to start planning is now”, some quick announcements. We hit some major snags last year and which like the rest of 2020 was a slow motion calamity. fingers crossed We will attempt to avoid that this year.

As per usual, the OffCON is traditionally the second or third weekend in October, sometimes we shoot for a full moon, sometimes we actively avoid it. This year Oct 20 is a full moon, so like it or not, we will have a nearly full moon for the weekend. This should open up more opportunities for night shooting, pending a location that allows such.

OffCON 2021 will be either Oct 14-17, or Oct 21-24. Come back for more official announcements!