Event: Visit to Mt Wilson Observatory


BigSAC ARC will be conducting a field trip and tour of Mt Wilson Observatory Saturday 8/24/19.

Costs: USFS Angeles Adventure Pass ($5/day $30/yr), Mt Wilson Observatory Tickets ($15/person)


Anyone interested in attending should arrange a ride prior to showing up. We will be meeting at REI Arcadia at 10:30am, taking a quick look around the store, purchasing USFS Angeles Adventure Passes (which are required to park at Mt Wilson Observatory), the cost is $5 for a day pass, or $30 for a year.

At 11am, we will load up and leave, headed for Mt Wilson, the drive is expected to take about an hour. Park in the main lot, and then head for Cosmic Cafe where if you didn’t get a Adventure Pass you may buy one, also we will be having lunch and purchasing tour tickets. Tour starts at 1pm.



There are no pre-arranged comm frequencies for this event.