Offcon 4 (Oct 17-20 2019) - Final Plan


This is the final announcement, and plan overview.

UPDATE 10/15


Offcon is now open. Anyone who wants to attend can. It is recommended you be a known personality to the BigSAC crew, but hey, you do you. What’s less awkward than introducing yourself to a bunch of strangers in the middle of nowhere?

Cost: $40 to participate in the long range rifle clinic. This is to cover materials and is payable in cash on site.

Meals: There will be no chuck-wagon this year

Location: The location is approximately 25 miles and about a 1-hour drive from the nearest paved road, in the back country near Black Water Wells in the Red Mountain BLM management area. Exiting US-395 at Cuddeback/20 Mule Team road, and then driving east. The dirt roads in this area do not have conventional road signs but will be marked with RM and a number. If for some reason you get lost and find a different two-letter designation you have left the Red Mountain management district and are terribly lost.

The suggested route is:

RM34 (Cuddeback/20 Mule Team) – This is the exit from US-395

RM50 – RM34 turns into this road on the far side of the Cuddeback Dry Lakebed, pay careful attention as the road and signs are not well marked in this area, essentially you want to continue headed in the same direction at the far side of the lake, however it may look like a left-turn is needed. Avoid this, if you make a mistake this road is labeled RM134, just backtrack until you hit RM50/RM34.

RM100 – There is a Gate on RM50 at Black Water Wells, this area is property of a Desert Tortoise Habitat preservation group. Please close the gate after driving through. Driving a short way up to the old site of the ranch at BWW, RM100 leads south and goes around the hills to the east.

RM361 – After passing through the hills and going downhill, the valley opens up, there’s a spot of joshua trees and then make a left turn (north) onto RM361.

Alternatives (and if you get lost)

RM363/RM359 meet up with RM361 on the far side of the hill. If you get lost and continue on RM34, this will take you the northern route around the large hill shown on the maps. You can take this road directly to RM359 and turn south until it meets with RM361 you should see camp from there. This route is rockier and at least one person last year tore open a tire going this way.

This map shows everything from US-395 to camp.

Here is an inset detail image.


Thursday – Arrive at camp, set up and establish camp. Enjoy some stargazing.

Friday – There will be an introduction to long range shooting, including mathematics, observation techniques, gear lists, and organizational information. This will be followed by observation techniques, some coaching on position shooting and gear, and then establishing DOPE, and an impromptu Ball Torture session as the sun goes down.

Saturday – This will be the practical application of Friday, including Range Estimation, Target acquisition, Wind Reading and DOPE. This will be done as a session of Rifle Golf.

Sunday – Site cleanup, camp breakdown and drive out.

Gear List

  • Any bolt action rifle chambered in a centerfire caliber is suitable, we will be shooting from 50-500 yards, optics are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Your rifle should be equipped with a bipod and sling.
  • Handgun – Because of the walking involved a holster that covers the trigger will be required for Friday Night Ball Torture and Reverse Golf. Handguns may be .22LR, but this may not be suitable for Reverse Golf.
  • You should bring at least 100 rounds of rifle ammunition (200 Recommended), and at least 100 rounds of handgun ammunition (200 recommended).
  • Eyes and Ears – You’ll probably want sunglasses, but bring a pair of clears. Electronic muffs are recommended, the two common cheap brands are Walker’s Game Ear, and Peltor Range Guard. The Walker’s are excellent for hunting, the Peltors are better for shooting ranges with constant background noise.
  • Wear a good pair of walking shoes and bring a small backpack that can hold water, sunscreen, and any equipment you might need.
  • Shooting Mat of some variety.
  • Spotting scope and Tripod.
  • Notepad or Notebook – You will be given a small ballistic book with dope sheets, but you may want additional notepaper.