Upcoming Event Rules

Event Announcements, and discussion of upcoming events including planning.
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Upcoming Event Rules

Post by Trashpanda » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:53 am

I am sure I will update this post periodically, but here are the basics:

This forum is for announcing events. If you are planning, thinking about, toying with the idea of X, post about X in the section that's for that.

Events should all be posted with the format: (Event Name) (Event Location) (dates).

Announcements should contain:
* Requirements for attendance (general public, members only, etc)
* Equipment needed (vehicle, recovery gear, etc)
* Cost (if any)
* What to expect
* Organizer contact information
* Maps (where appropriate)

Once these conditions are met in a planning thread, administrators will create the event and post it here. It will also be posted to the events calendar https://www.bigsac.org/events/month.php
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