Aldi Adventuridge Hammock

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Aldi Adventuridge Hammock

Post by opfor » Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:41 am

So I was over doing some grocery shopping tonight. And I found a "Aldi Adventuridge Hammock" for $15. Nylon hammocks have gotten expensive, and given that this was in Aldi's "limited time" (seasonal) section, I was kinda willing to take the gamble on something that's half the price of even the ones I might buy at walmart. (and possibly 1/3 the price of the the same ones I've seen on Amazon going for $50 or more.

I thought I'd throw these out there... ... l-hammock/

There's some reviews online of them, most seem to carry the warning "too basic" but it's a $15 hammock. Either way, I thought I would throw it out there and give y'all a head's up. Glendora Aldi has them, dunno about other stores.
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