Getting ready for winter camping

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Getting ready for winter camping

Post by opfor » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:05 pm

I spend all summer watching youtube videos about snow camping. Mostly because I'm fucking tired of the heat. It's starting to get cold enough in the evenings that a light jacket is required, and in about 2 months there will probably be snow on the local mountains, and there certainly will be snow further afield.

It's getting to be time to re-pack my winter ruck, and there's some things I want to upgrade this year.

* Thermarest - Or other camp pad, at the moment I'm still using the coleman inflatables which are bulky and heavy, but also super comfy. Biggest issue is re-packing in sub-freezing temps. Walmart is selling a thermarest branded self-inflater for about $50. I think I want the large one though. I do have a Ridgerest SOLITE but it's really bulky.

* Sleeping Bag - I bought one of the "10F sleeping bag"s branded by walmart under their ozark trail brand. It's saved my ass a few times as an emergency car bag. I slept in it coming back from WA last year when I hit a snowstorm near Lakeview OR. But I ended up having a fitful night's sleep a few weeks later up at crystal lake. In general, I think a lot of the temperature ratings applied to bags are slipping. I know my older coleman bag is spot on comfy down into the 40's, and into the 30's with a fleece liner.

The other thing I need to work up is a food packing list. In previous years I defaulted to MREs and canned food. Taking on the new diet I'm really getting away from much of this. I've been doing the Mountain House foods for a while, however the calorie counts are often lower than what I want, and not all of the meals are very tasty. This is often compounded by the environment. I think in general, I'm going to start carrying way more meat. I've been watching this guy's videos, he's all about winter camping and carries what look to be multi-pound steaks.
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