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Tents, Bags, Hammocks, Cooking, Cleaning. This is all the stuff you need to provide yourself some shelter.
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Backpacking Backpack Packing List

Post by opfor » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:15 pm

So one of the things I've found helpful for myself for a while is to set up checklists, packing lists and the like. One of my longer term goals has been to set up a packing list for just a general over-night on foot, camping trip. This list isn't totally complete, and leaves some things out (warming layers, rain gear, socks!) but it's kinda've a good base load for fair weather. I just put this together tonight, so I wanted to type it up anyways, here's my big chance!

All of this fits into, and fits on a Molle II Assault pack (1525+825 cu-in or 38.5 liter) pack. There's enough extra space that I could stuff some bivvy rolls, clothes, or food into it. The pack is not bursting at the seams.

Main Compartment (1525 cu-in)

Micro Sleeping Bag
Woobie (In a nylon stuff sack)
Poncho (in a stuff sack)
Water proof liner
Stove, Gas Bottle (gasoline) and Gas Pump, Aluminum Cup, Tools, Eye Dropper
Isopropane Bottle (the other fuel for the stove)

Canteen Pouch (right side)

Canteen, Cup, Stove, Ti-Spork, Stainless Peanut, Can Opener, Salt and Pepper shaker

Inside Flap Pocket (secondary compartment)

EMT Shears, Small IFAK
UST Fire Starter
FRED (Field Ration Eating Device)

Outside Flap Pocket

Toilet Paper (Camp Roll)
Wet Wipes

External Small Pouch

Cap Light
Glow Sticks (2ea LED)

Large External Pouch

Sawyer Filter
2L Platypus Bladder
Camelbak adapters
Flush Syringe
Large First Aid Kit

Secondary Compartment

"TACTBivvy" Bivvy Bag (in case everything sucks)
Garmin Foretrex 401
Bic Lighter
Notebook, Pens, Pencils, Grease Pencil

Other Stuff (Mounted to outside of Pack)

Mechanix Fast-Fit Gloves
Morakniv camp Knife
Spoon/Fork/Knife eating set
Photon Light (mounted to shoulder pads)
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