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Solatac IFAKs

Post by opfor » Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:16 pm

Came across this discussion about IFAKs recently, more than a few people are huge fans. Somewhat akin to the Arclight 1-gal bag kit. ... out-ifaks/
(This isn’t directed to LEO’s, Medics, Firefighters, Service Members, or anyone else who should know better.)

Do you really really need that spiffy LIGHTING MONSTROTACTICAL FIRST AID KIT for 129.99?

Probably not.

Does it look cool? Hell yes. Having cool looking stuff is pretty neat. But having functional usable stuff is even better.

I’m gonna tell you a secret. I carried around a 75 pound medic bag for 10 years. It had all kinds of stuff, ALCS, BLS, Airways, Drugs, pretty much anything and everything to stabilize and treat everything from Trauma to the sniffles. It cost my employer roughly 400.00 to fill that thing up. I promise you that I toted more stuff than what comes in a 400.00 kit off of amazon.


Trauma pads/ABD Pads x 2
1 roll of gauze
1 triangle bandage
(optional) Israeli bandage

That should run you about $10.00. (15.00 with the IDF Bandage) I have about 6 of these. I keep one in my laptop bag, one in a little duffle that goes everywhere with me, 3-4 in my truck. If there is (God Forbid) a bunch of people hurt at one spot, start chunking them out. You’d be surprised what you can do with these simple items. (Tip: I also put about 3′ of wide Gorilla Tape folded around old gift cards in each kit, that stuff will stick to anything)

If you wanna stick that in a IFAK pouch and make it look spiffy, maybe add some chest seals and a tourniquet, that’s cool too.

Here’s what I personally carry around with me. As far as AWESOME SUPER COOL TACTICAL STUFF!!!

1 Trauma Kit in IFAK pouch on my plate carrier (never know when the squirrels in the backyard will rise up and attempt to overthrow me)
-IDF Bandage
-Trauma/ABD pads
-Triangle Bandage
-Chest Seals
-Tape (Gorilla)
1 mini trauma kit on my gun-belt (the opossums are in league with the squirrels)
-IDF Bandage
-Gauze Roll
-ABD pad
-Tape (Gorilla)
Big Kit
– I carry an expanded kit in my pack, it’s a combination of boo-boo kit/expanded first aid kit. It’s got everything from extra dressings, gauze, to band aids, OTC pain meds, triple antibiotic, and chapstick. You’re gonna have to figure out what you personally need for yourself and your situation and pack it accordingly.

Tip: stick all of your dressings/bandages that aren’t plastic wrapped into ziplocs and stuff e’m where you need them. Ziplocs can be one of those “dual use” items. Keep your stuff dry, and in the event of an emergency, you can make a chest seal or 2 out of one.

I keep a regular medic’s bag (small) in the backseat of my truck. Mainly because I don’t roll around town in a plate carrier and gun-belt with a pack on, because that would be stupid.

Figure out what you need, and what you’re comfortable using. GO TO A CLASS! GO GET TRAINED!
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