California wants to get rid of repeater sites?

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California wants to get rid of repeater sites?

Post by arclight » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:12 am

Has anyone heard about a plan by Cal Fire to no longer consider amateur radio repeaters a "public benefit?"

The long and short of it is that some repeater owners are apparently getting notices that Cal Fire and/or other agencies want them to either vacate or pay large fees, similar to what a cell site or telecom contractor would pay, for their repeaters on mountaintop sites. See this: ... 190923.pdf ... it.395288/

This is of course the sort of thing our broke-ass state would try, especially with some lobbying from Verizon or some commercial EMCOMM provider. Would like to hear if this is an isolated incident or a new statewide thing we need to fight.

I have my SAR folks checking with CAL-OES as well.


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