• Offcon 4 (Oct 17-20 2019) - Final Plan

    Offcon is now open. Anyone who wants to attend can. It is recommended you be a known personality to the BigSAC crew, but hey, you do you. What’s less awkward than introducing yourself to a bunch of strangers in the middle of nowhere?

    Cost: $40 to participate in the long range rifle clinic. This is to cover materials and is payable in cash on site.

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  • Big SAC ARC

    We are a group of merry pranksters, radio amateurs, electronics experimenters and nature enthusiasts who for some reason have a website. We really don’t have a good reason to have a website, other than it’s a handy thing to use for us to remember to do things, and this is where we can go to brag about it. Maybe some day there will be some real content here, but for the moment at least there isn’t.

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